Experts' Network


An aircraft is a complex product which needs expertise in potency. Designed, explored and developed by a team of top-class experts, the Antares series is based on expertise. This, of course, also applies to the fabrication process, operation and service.

Even though some aircraft carry the name of only one designer in their type designation, they are usually the result of a long developing process, in which many clever minds have been involved. Our Antares is no exception - except perhaps that with this product an extraordinary high qualified development team was involved. Internationally accepted aerodynamics experts, specialists in composite structures, electric power systems and electronic control systems have helped to develop our Antares - 28 professors, doctors and engineers. Almost certainly a unique team in the history of constructing sailplanes. With this successful and continuously growing network Lange Aviation will have awe-inspiring resources to study and develop future projects.

In our network there are more important loops: Lange Aviation’s staff – be it a department manager or a member of staff who with his own hands works on the genesis of an Antares sailplane. Everybody is an aviation enthusiast and most of them know from their own experience what really counts. Their expertise guarantees an outstanding and long-lasting product.

And last but not least, a good customer support after selling a glider is self-evident. Together with our selected co-operation partners Lange Aviation can always guarantee a customer service for the Antares series, a service which you may of course expect.

A network, that'll last long.